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Huntwood Associates invite you to profile your energy and understand how you can optimise it.  For further information please email


Huntwood Associates Media Sector Stress Survey

We want to collect data to inform us more about the causes and impact of stress specifically within the media sector. If you work in and around the media sector, can you spare a few moments to complete our stress audit?

"Working with Gail gave me deeper insight and intuition on fine tuning ways of managing cultural change when working within a global business context. I felt it was a liberating period of self growth and above all joyous experience working with Gail and learning from her vast array of life/ work experiences in how an individual can look at different environments from an alternative angle or through a different lens to achieve results. I recommend this journey for anyone wishing to grow further in better understanding how to work effectively within an international framework and how best to work across different cultures within a business environment "

SVP Media

"The courses were fun, engaging and inspiring. The follow up 1-2-1 sessions were even more useful. You, more than any of the senior leaders in the business, have given me the tools to be a more effective manager (or is that leader?)."

"I made genuine progress in key areas and more importantly, developed the tools to continue to effectively self-evaluate myself, my role and my team in a structured way which should allow me to continue the good work we did during the sessions."

Section Head, Media

"This was the most amazing course to be a part of and you're the best trainer! Seriously! "