We specialise in high energy, high impact management workshops. As fast paced as they are practical, these sessions can unlock success on many fronts.

They can help you be more commercial and to negotiate brilliantly: to work your status, communicate your intentions, and understand your power.

They give new insight into how to change dynamics, to work more effectively with your team and better understand the other people around you.

And as we firmly believe that having fun is best way to learn, our workshops will demonstrate how to inject ideas and creativity across business practices… so you can take them straight back into the workplace and start enjoying the benefit.

Below are short descriptions of just some of our Materclasses, for more detail email

Presentation [+]

Learn how to present confidently, with ease and conviction. We run masterclasses - for those needing a basic toolkit of skills, or experienced presenters and ‘survival of the fittest’ sessions for leaders facing the toughest audiences.

Influencing [+]

All things being equal, people buy people… and people tend to buy people that they like. Using roleplays, we help you understand and practice influencing styles that will help you lead and manage more effectively.

Business Writing [+]

Practical skills to help you impress, inform and make an impact with every business communication you write; from a 140 character tweet to a 10,000 word in depth analysis.

MBTI [+]

Understand what makes you tick, and how to play to your strengths. Highly energising and practical courses run by our resident ENTP and ENFP superstar coach, equipping you to make the most of MBTI in the workplace.

Tackle Live Business Issues [+]

When your people are immersed in working on the problem in hand, they often lose track of the bigger picture and get knocked off course. With expert facilitation, you and your teams successfully tackle complex live business issues.

Negotiating [+]

Gain the insight and the practical tools to help you negotiate a win-win, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned haggler. We offer a choice of courses, run by ace negotiators used to striking deals with the most demanding clients, from corporations to pop stars.

Voice and Phone [+]

Harnessing the power of the voice, using pace and vocal range to increase the impact and status of your words; whether cold calling, talking to a new client or giving the phone version of the elevator pitch.

Writing Great Presentations [+]

Great content is the foundation of a successful presentation. Combine it with an emotional and psychological understanding of your audience and it will fly. This masterclass is the ultimate cure for death by powerpoint.

Storytelling [+]

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Our most ancient and prolific art form, storytelling is ingrained in all our psyches. We help you harness that power for your business.

Personal Impact [+]

Learn how to create a good first impression, maintain it and forge strong connections. An interactive course, this reveals what gives someone personal impact and how to optimise your own.

Handling Difficult People [+]

Why some people are difficult and how to diffuse awkward situations. There are different types of difficult and here you can equip yourself with a whole toolkit for dealing with them.

Team Creativity [+]

Exploring the nature of creativity; how it works, how to master it and how it can help you build an inspirational culture where innovative thinking thrives.

Project Management [+]

Taking Channel 4’s Grand Designs as inspiration, this course is run as a live project, meeting challenges and teaching relevant skills in a high energy 1 day session. (No need for hard hats.)

Coaching Skills [+]

When to, how to and why coach? Using the GROW model this session is very pragmatic and will help you understand the effectiveness and benefits of coaching, to help unlock potential and maximise performance.

Essential Leadership [+]

Managing is doing things right, leadership is doing the right thing. Understand which is your current preference and know when to; Direct, Coach, Support and Delegate.

Management and Leadership Skills [+]

Covering all the essentials required to bring a bundle of benefits to your business, including: developing your staff in management and leadership, helping improve your management team’s motivation, developing talent and producing better business results.

Personal Impact and Motivation [+]

This workshop explores what makes someone have personal impact, taps into states of excellence to achieve personal impact and gives you insight into how to take control of your life.

Powerful Communications [+]

Albert Mehrabian said effective communication are about body language, voice and then the words – in that order. With the added insight of NLP and Myers Briggs, we help you increase your influence and communicate with maximum congruency.

Team Dynamics [+]

Getting teams to become high performers comes down to great leadership or luck. This workshop shows the team how to harness that leadership to reduce conflict, align around a common purpose and perform better.

Super effectiveness [+]

Manage yourself significantly better by planning, focussing and executing on the things that really matter. Learn proven techniques, strategies and the habitual behaviours of the most successful business professionals to deliver better every single day.

"Business coaching can be a hugely under-rated area and I would urge anyone considering it to find the time to commit. Working with the talented and very professional Lollie Tuckey, I found the insights both business and personal hugely valuable"

Sales Director Financial services

"Working with Gail gave me deeper insight and intuition on fine tuning ways of managing cultural change when working within a global business context. I felt it was a liberating period of self growth and above all joyous experience working with Gail and learning from her vast array of life/ work experiences in how an individual can look at different environments from an alternative angle or through a different lens to achieve results. I recommend this journey for anyone wishing to grow further in better understanding how to work effectively within an international framework and how best to work across different cultures within a business environment "

SVP Media

"The iceberg has already had a huge positive effect on me and my team"

"Very impressed with Gavin, brilliant guy"

Head of Learning and Development, Public Sector