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Profile Your Energy 

Huntwood Associates invite you to profile your energy and understand how you can optimise it.  For further information please email


Huntwood Associates Media Sector Stress Survey

We want to collect data to inform us more about the causes and impact of stress specifically within the media sector. If you work in and around the media sector, can you spare a few moments to complete our stress audit?

"Thanks. I really loved the management course - you're awesome at what you do"

"This is not coaching out of a text book; no pat 'one size fits all' approaches with cheesy acronyms. Beverley brings to her sessions calm, wisdom, empathy, insight, wide business experience and study, and most importantly the ability to listen and question, ensuring that the experience is tailored for the individual."

Director, global digital group

"Thanks Gavin - it was an extremely useful set of sessions, I learnt loads (and also gained lots of confidence in my manager) "

"What a pleasure it has been! I've gained so much from your course and am in a much better place at work than I would have been without it, so thank you!"