Creative and commercial coaching

The Power of the personal

We create the space to solve big questions and explore practical ways for you to effect positive change.

Coach and client fit is important to build energy

EQ is the capability to use awareness of yourself with awareness of others to balance self and relationship management

MBTI Psychometric helps to understand what makes you and others tick

360 is a useful tool to learn more about yourself and how others see you

4EO audits your productive energy

Meld the creative and the commercial

We inspire new left brain and right brain thinking.

Look wider, get further

Step back and rebalance the strategic and the tactical, think more broadly about business objectives and achieving the best outcomes.

The psychology of coaching

Psychological tools and techniques are an invaluable way to look at your challenges from a different perspective and expand your thinking.

A dynamic toolkit

We don’t impose set techniques or processes, though we have a tool box of practical and effective ways ideas developed over 18 years in successful coaching


Coaching is the most powerful development tool

Huntwood coach Executives, Managers and Teams

Our key steps to success:

1. Understand your goals.

We bring together the client and the programme sponsor and identify the corporate business expectations.

2. Provide an inspiring forum.

We conduct confidential 1x1 meetings where we facilitate thinking creatively about change and expanding thinking. This is backed up by email and telephone contact.

360s and EQ assessments are also useful options here and can be scheduled during the programme.

3. Stay on track.

We always review progress with sponsors, in regular follow up meetings.

Put simply, our commitment is to make the journey work for you and deliver great ideas that are practical and inspiring

What kind of ‘better’ are you looking for?

Listed below are some of the development areas our clients typically want help with.

  • Think bigger
  • Strike the best balance between tactical and strategic
  • Expand your thinking
  • Create the space for strategic thinking about your business, your team and your personal engagement
  • Think sharper
  • Change your personal impact
  • Step up to the next level from manager to leader, manager to director, director to CEO
  • Manage risk
  • Be a better leader
  • Increase your personal effectiveness
  • Build personal skills and be more effective
  • Work easily with ambiguity and with clarity
  • Improve the culture of your team
  • Build better business relationships
  • Grow your team’s success
  • Love your own confidence and encourage confidence in others

"This was the most amazing course to be a part of and you're the best trainer! Seriously! "

"It was a privilege working with Jonny. At my next presentation, two people commented on how powerful it was. People really listened."

Finance Diretor NHS

"The iceberg has already had a huge positive effect on me and my team"

"The courses were fun, engaging and inspiring. The follow up 1-2-1 sessions were even more useful. You, more than any of the senior leaders in the business, have given me the tools to be a more effective manager (or is that leader?)."