Discover your energy profile and learn how to optimise your individual energy

Energy is a vital part of our lives. How we manage and marshal our energy determines our impact on ourselves, on those around us and what we achieve on a daily basis.

4EO is designed to provide an insight into how you are currently using your energy in a work setting. By understanding more clearly how we use our energy at work we can be more productive and engaged.

Thank you for your interest in 4EO. Click here to access the online questionnaire.

When you have completed the online assessment, Huntwood will send you a report with:

  • Your personal energy profile
  • Information about the four energies
  • Recommendations on how to maintain vital energy and how to shift unproductive energy
  • A development plan

We trust it will offer you different perspectives and areas for exploration and growth.

Huntwood offer telephone coaching to discuss your energy profile, talk through the recommendations in the context of your organisation, team and role and work with you on your development plan.

We can also offer 1x1 energy focused coaching and workshops to build team energy.

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